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The Self-Confidence Factor

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The Shaolin Athlete


In any sport, there are good athletes, great athletes, and the best of the best. This book will help you be the best of the best in your sport. But The Shaolin Athlete is not just for the serious athlete. Everyone can learn about proper health and conditioning, both for sports and for life in The Shaolin Athlete. This is because the Kung Fu Conditioning exercises taught in The Shaolin Athlete target the body, the mind, and the spirit as a whole. The


Shaolin Athlete/Kung Fu Conditioning program is the complete fitness and health program for everyone, from the professional athlete, to the weekend warrior, to the average Jane or Joe who wants to get in better shape and live longer. Kung Fu Conditioning is for fitness, health, conditioning, and longevity. “With the help of Sifu Karl Romain I was able not only to work on my shortcomings and become a more accountable football player, but also to fall in love with the process and not just fall in love with the success. I learned to love every step that it took for me to succeed in the NFL.”— Amani Toomer, former receiver for the New York Giants (Amani Toomer is featured in this book)



The Cross and the Warrior—A Black Belt Christian Leadership Program


The training program was developed by Sifu Karl Romain and Dr. G. Steve Kinnard. The goal of the program is to teach Christian leadership principles through martial arts training. This course has been developed for pre-teen and teenage boys and girls. But the course can be adapted to any age group. This book shows you how to teach inspirational leadership lessons while challenging students in martial arts training.



Legendary Longfist or Legendary Longfist—EBook version


The form presented in this book is a basic long fist set from the Northern Shaolin Long Fist system. The form itself is easy to learn, yet introduces the student to a large number of sophisticated practical applications. A careful study of the form reveals its rich content, including the following concepts: fist, palm, knee and kicking attacks, blocks and parries for various hand and foot attacks, defenses to grabbing attacks, throwing techniques, chin na (seize and control) techniques, simultaneous kick and hand strike, and simultaneous block and strike. This book is divided into two sections. The first section contains a full representation of the form as performed by renowned Master Karl Romain. The second section is a representation of various practical self-defense applications of the form. Each picture is accompanied by detailed explanatory text.

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