The Self-Confidence Factor
The Self-Confidence Factor

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The Self-Confidence Factor

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"A Great Tool For Parents and Educators" -Greg N.


“Training with Sifu Karl Romain has helped boost my confidence and focus in many facets of my life. It helped give me the courage to tackle obstacles head-on, and I’d recommend this book to anyone who needs their own confidence boost.”

John Francis Daley, Black Belt, writer and actor (Dr. Sweets on “Bones”)


“With specific techniques for building mental resilience and physical strength, The Self-Confidence Factor is a wonderful tool for both parents and kids trying to deal with conflict in a productive way. This book provides the skills and discipline to handle any situation.”

Lisa Oz, Author and radio and television personality


After reading “The Self-Confidence Factor, A Parent’s Guide to Bully Prevention,” I thought to myself, “Finally! A much needed resource that approaches the issue of bullying from a different perspective than other books I’ve read regarding bullying”. This book addresses the issue of bullying with the approach that you, the parent, can take a proactive role in giving your child the tools they need to be better able to handle themselves when confronted by a bully. “The Self-Confidence Factor” provides parents and educators with the information they need to provide their child with the greatest defense against bullying, CONFIDENCE. The book should be read by all parents and caretakers of elementary school age children.

Greg N., Former law enforcement officer with 28 years experience


My son was going to a new school where he didn’t know anyone. The kung-fu training gave him confidence to introduce himself to other kids. This led to him participating in the playground activities. One incident he discussed with me was about a child known to bully others. This bully charged towards my son, he used a simple technique he learned in kung- fu that directed the bully in another direction. He felt empowered which allowed him later to stand up for a new student who was being picked on. The self-confidence factor is extremely important.

Karen Marchione, Parent and Educator







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